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February 28, 2019 No Comments.

Worming your cat

As part of being a responsible cat owner, worming your cat is important to keep your cat happy and healthy. In this blog, we talk about the types of worms, symptoms and everything you need to know about worming your cat. Types of worms There are three types of worms that need to be taken […]

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August 23, 2018 No Comments.

Breed Profile | Russian Blue

The Russian Blue Cat The Russian Blue is well known and hugely popular, and with their distinctive profile, it’s hard not to be memorized by them. Russian Blues are the perfect pet for households with their playful disposition and intelligent nature. Find out more below about the breed: Care and Characteristics The Russian Blue is […]

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July 19, 2018 No Comments.

How do you keep your cat cool this summer?

How to keep your cat cool this summer Summer is in full swing, and with the weather being warm and muggy, below are some ideas and suggestions to keep your cat cool this summer.   Check sheds and greenhouses Cats are curious creatures, so it won’t take much for them to go into places that […]

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August 29, 2017 One Comment.

Our Guide To Kidney Disease In Cats

Our guide to kidney disease in Cats Despite their reputation for having nine lives, cats are susceptible to many ailments and illnesses just like other pets. A cats’ kidneys begin to fail with age and if left untreated kidney disease can lead to a series of health problems. Unfortunately when it’s chronic, there is no […]

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August 29, 2017 No Comments.

10 Questions About Kittens

Kitten to Cat How old are kittens when they open their eyes for the first time? Kitten’s begin to open their eyes from 1 week to 10 days. A kitten this age is smaller than your hand. At 3 weeks a kitten’s eyes are fully open, ears are erect, and teeth are visible. Kittens this […]

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August 29, 2017 No Comments.

Bringing A Kitten Home

Bringing a kitten home Bringing a kitten home is an exciting yet can be daunting new adventure. Whether you are an experienced cat owner or it’s your first time adopting a kitten, it’s vital to properly prepare for the arrival of your new kitty to make it as stress-free as possible for the both of […]

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August 20, 2017 No Comments.

Buying A Pet: Getting A Cat?

Advice on buying a kitten or getting a cat Bringing a new cat or kitten into your home is an exciting time. Before you welcome your new feline friend into your family, here are some key things to consider: Can I make a lifetime commitment? When looked after well, cats will live into their 20’s. […]

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