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Make a Claim

It's actually really simple

How to make a claim - follow our simple claims process below:

We pay 97% of all claims* received and are here to help if your cat or dog is feeling under the weather.

Before you start a claim, please ensure you have the correct details to complete the claim form.

  • Please upload the correct documents including full medical history and treatment invoices to ensure your claim is processed quickly. If we do not receive the correct documentation this will hold up your claim.
  • Claims must be submitted within 6 months of the treatment start date unless otherwise stated.
  • Watch our ‘How to make a claim online’ video below for more information

If you’re a vet, looking to pre-authorise a claim then please see our pre-authorisation form

If you’re a looking for a Third Party Liability form then please our  TPL claim form


Speak to a vet or vet nurse if your cat or dog is unwell. Our 24/7 vet service may save you a trip to the vet
Or download a claim form in step 3
Please download the free Acrobat reader from the Adobe website if the PDF does not open automatically

Complete the claim form in full

Make sure all the sections are completed in full

Enclose the following with your claim form

Treatment invoices confirming amount claimed A copy of your pet's full updated medical history A copy of your pet's vaccination records All documents submitted must be stamped by your vet

Important: please send us a copy of your pet's full updated medical history with your claim form

Return your claim form

Please email your claim form to

How to claim for vet fees online by Pet Protect

Repeat Medication Claim Form

If you need to make a claim for long-term repeat medication please click on the following link


*Based on data from all Pet Protect claims received during 2022 on our Lifetime, ConditionCare and TimeCare policies

Frequently asked questions about making a claim

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