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How do you keep your cat cool this Summer

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How to keep your cat cool this summer

Summer is in full swing, and with the weather being warm and muggy, below are some ideas and suggestions to keep your cat cool this summer.


Check sheds and greenhouses

Cats are curious creatures, so it won’t take much for them to go into places that trap heat. Regularly check places like sheds and greenhouses in-case your kitty gets trapped inside. Much like a car, the temperatures soar to the unbearable, which is fatal to your furry friend.


Heatstroke in Cats

Cats can only get rid of heat by sweating through their paws which makes them prone to heatstroke. Any hot environment can cause heatstroke. If you see your cat with excessive panting, signs of discomfort and loss of energy, this can indicate overheating. When your cat shows these signs encourage them to drink or feed them wet food. Move your cat into a cool room of your home to help cool your cat down.

If your cat begins to drool or vomit and is hot to the touch, contact your vet immediately and move them to a cool place and wet their coat. Use cool, not freezing water as this could lead to over-cooling.


Does your Cat have access to plenty of water?

Offer clean cool water at all times. To encourage your cat to drink more, you could always add some chicken broth to their water. If you can, also add ice cubes which will keep the water cooler for longer. Place various plastic bowls around your home and outside so they are always near to a source of water.


Check for fleas & ticks

Fleas, ticks and critters that love to bite your cat, thrive in the summer months. A one off application of flea treatment won’t be enough, so discuss with your vet an effective summer treatment plan to keep them at bay.


Fur, glorious fur!

Groom your cat regularly to rid of any mats and tangles. Grooming regularly will also help rid of loose trapped hair. Don’t be tempted to shave or clip their coats, as they still need protection from the sun!



Cats can get sunburn, especially if they are light in colour. Use sunblock specifically made for pets and put on their nose, ears and areas that are sparse of hair. You can buy sun cream from the leading UK supplier of pet accessories – VioVet!



Handy tips for summer

  • Put plastic bowls full of water around your home
  • Offer an ice-pack covered in your cats favorite blanket or wet cool towel for your cat to lay on
  • Make your cat some homemade frozen treats
  • Have a cool room for your cat to retreat to
  • Limit the amount of play with your cat, so that over-heating doesn’t occur

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