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Bringing A Kitten Home

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Bringing a kitten home

Bringing a kitten home is an exciting yet can be daunting new adventure. Whether you are an experienced cat owner or it’s your first time adopting a kitten, it’s vital to properly prepare for the arrival of your new kitty to make it as stress-free as possible for the both of you. Here’s some tips to make it as easy as possible.

Firstly start with a kitten shopping list. Here’s the essentials:

  • Kitten Food. Make sure you pick a mix specifically designed for kittens, as well as some small treats.
  • Food and water bowls.
  • Toys – Even initially shy kittens need to play!
  • Litter tray with liners, litter and a scoop, so your cat can start housetraining straight away.
  • Pet Carrier
  • Bed and or blankets
  • Kitten grooming brush

You may also want to get:

  • A scratching post to let them keep their claws in shape, without using your furniture!
  • Kitten-friendly disinfectant spray to keep your home clean without using harmful chemicals.
  • Flea and worm treatment designed to be suitable for small cats and kittens.
  • Feliway diffusers can help nervous or anxious cats stay calm. View VioVets for a great range of kitten essentials!

Get the right cat insurance for your new family member

Sometimes kittens can suffer from gastrointestinal upsets as they settle into their new surroundings, so getting the right insurance for your new kitten is essential. Remember not all cat insurance is the same so look and different polices may offer your kitten different benefits. Our most popular lifetime cover protects your cat for any ongoing conditions that may arise. And once you have the right kitten insurance in place to cover the cost of any unexpected veterinary fees you can concentrate on getting to know your new kitty!

Make area or designate a room for your kitten to explore initially

Exploring the whole house can be daunting for a kitten so before collecting them create a safe, secure are, preferably within a quiet area of the house where they can be kept during the first few weeks as they adjust to their surroundings. This will also help with toilet training and avoid accidents within the house.

The room should be equipped with:

  • A enclosed bed or cardboard box lined with bedding for your kitten to hide away if they become scared
  • Litter tray – place in opposite corner away from food/water bowls and the bed
  • Food and water
  • Toys – homemade newspaper toys are a great starting point
  • Any breakables should be removed from table tops and shelves, and windows should be closed.

Arriving home with your new kitten

When you arrive home with your kitten, take them to the safe space or room you have prepared for them, open their pet carrier door and allow them to explore when they are ready. Keep them in their room and allow them to become accustom to the new sights and smells, while exploring their new surroundings. Your new kitten may find a place to hide and fall asleep, but don’t worry this is completely normal as a moving to a new home is a huge experience for a new kitten. Allow them the freedom to explore and they will come out in their own time.

Ensure you have a little tray in this area and place your kitten in the litter tray so they familiarise themselves with the feel and smells. Repeat frequently, taking them back to the litter tray after play, meals or if they start scratching the floor.

Litter training is easy as cats instinctively bury their waste, but it takes patience and consistency. Put the litter box in a corner or other secluded spot. After your kitten has awakened from a nap, or shortly after they’ve finished eating, place them in the box. If they doesn’t dig or scratch, gently take one of her front paws and simulate digging with it. Offer praise they uses the box, but don’t punish them if they have an accident. Continue to place your kitten in the litter tray at hourly intervals until they gets the idea.

It’s a great idea to use the same brand of kitten food that your kitty was fed previously as this should help them adjust should encourage them to eat, and you should also change their water regularly, at least once a day.

Do you have any advice for anyone preparing to bring their kitten home? We’d love to hear your top tips.

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