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Breed Profile | Russian Blue

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The Russian Blue Cat

The Russian Blue is well known and hugely popular, and with their distinctive profile, it’s hard not to be memorized by them. Russian Blues are the perfect pet for households with their playful disposition and intelligent nature. Find out more below about the breed:

Care and Characteristics

The Russian Blue is a medium-sized, fine-boned, long lean, but firmly muscled cat. It’s silky, dense coat comes in their trademark colour, from a light shimmering silver to a slate grey. Due to the short hair of the breed, grooming is an easy task. The breed has large, round green eyes and a cobra-like face, with a wedge shaped head, and large and pointy ears.

They develop close bonds with their owners and are solely devoted and affectionate to their pet parents; they will greet you at the front door, snuggle up next to you and even play fetch! These cats can be very playful and, like most cats, love to jump, climb, and watch the world outside.

While they love your company, Russian Blues are also capable of entertaining themselves throughout the day while you are at work.

Health Issues

Russian Blues are generally healthy, and tend to have little to no genetic problems. Once you’ve taken your new Russian Blue kitten or cat home, you have the power to protect him from one of the more common health problems: obesity. Keep your Russian Blue at an appropriate weight on a well-balanced diet, with plenty of exercise, and protect his overall health.

Russian Blue

Breed Profile:

Height: 25 cm

Weight: 5.5kg

Life Span: 10-15 years

Colour: Russian Blue, Russian Black, Russian White

Breed Traits:

Playful | Curious | Friendly | Intelligent | Playful | Reserved | Hunters | Devoted | Shy with strangers | Gentle



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