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October 30, 2023 No Comments.

Halloween safety for pet parents

Halloween safety for pet parents Halloween is a time for treats, tricks, fun and lots of sweet treats. It’s important to remember our pets may not share the same love for Halloween as we do. There can be potential hazards for your pets, so we’ve created useful tips to take care of your furry friends […]

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August 10, 2023 No Comments.

Barbeque safety tips for pets and pet owners

Barbeque safety tips for pets and pet owners It’s summer, and the perfect time to enjoy the weather and have a barbeque with your friends, family, and pets. Tempting treats and hot equipment can easily be a dangerous concoction for pets. We’ve created a few tips to help keep you and your pets safe and […]

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July 25, 2023 No Comments.

How to keep your dog mentally stimulated

How to keep your dog mentally stimulated When it comes to keeping your dog happy, mental stimulation is important and contributes to the overall wellbeing of your dog. You can help to keep your dog’s mind active to avoid them becoming bored in many ways. Keep reading our article to find out more. What is […]

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June 30, 2023 No Comments.

Holiday Pet Care Solutions

Holiday Pet Care Solutions Thinking about where our pets are going to stay when we go away on holiday can be worrying and daunting. There are many holiday pet care solutions to help care for your pet whilst you’re away on holiday. You may consider a particular option depending on your pets’ individual needs. Family […]

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June 22, 2023 No Comments.

Neutering your pet

What is neutering? If you’re thinking about neutering your cat or dog, it’s important to understand what neutering is and the benefits. Neutering involves removing the sex organs to help prevent unwanted pregnancies, pregnancy related illness, and conditions such as testicular, ovarian, and mammary cancers. The male procedure is called castration, and the female procedure […]

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April 28, 2023 No Comments.

Ticks and our pets

Ticks can be about all year round and are more commonly found on our pets as the weather starts to get warmer. How do I protect my pets from ticks? From March to November, it is important to make sure your pet is protected with some form of tick prevention. Tick prevention can be in […]

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March 23, 2023 No Comments.

Easter safety tips for pets

With Easter around the corner, we’ve created some useful Easter safety tips for pets. You start to forget about the dark and cold nights and look forward to warmer weather and chocolate eggs. There are a few things to consider, make sure you keep the below out of reach: Chocolate Easter eggs Chocolate contains theobromine, […]

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March 10, 2023 No Comments.

All about dogs

All About Dogs. Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world and these furry companions have been by our side for thousands of years. Dogs provide unconditional love, loyalty, and protection. As pet lovers ourselves, we thought it would be great to explore some fascinating facts and information about dogs. History of […]

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January 27, 2023 No Comments.

How do you socialise a new puppy?

Puppy Socialisation We’ve created a useful guide to help you as a pet owner understand the meaning of socialisation when it comes to welcoming a new puppy into your home. We’ve combined information from our own veterinary nurses and details from the Kennel Club to explore various tips and techniques that can help you. What […]

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September 30, 2022 No Comments.

Walking in the dark with your dog

With September already upon us and daylight hours becoming shorter, many dog owners will be walking their dogs when it’s darker. We’ve created a few useful tips and included some items that are worth buying to help keep both you and your dog as safe as possible when out walking. Keep your dog visible Help […]

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