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Holiday Pet Care Solutions for your pets

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Holiday Pet Care Solutions

Thinking about where our pets are going to stay when we go away on holiday can be worrying and daunting. There are many holiday pet care solutions to help care for your pet whilst you’re away on holiday.

You may consider a particular option depending on your pets’ individual needs.

Family and friends.

A good option is asking someone close to you to care for your pet at home. You may have a trusted family member, or friend, who would be happy to look after your pet.

A good place to start is personal recommendations from the people you are close to and have pets. Ask friends, family, or vet if they have used a place they were satisfied with and would they recommend using them.

Pet sitters.

Pet sitters either stay in your home, or board your pet in their home. This can be ideal if you have lots of pets or a pet that is particularly anxious away from home. Holiday pet care in your own home ensures that everything will be familiar for your pet.

Things to consider.

There are many items to consider when organising holiday pet care with a pet sitter.

  • Make sure the pet sitter has the appropriate insurance, DBS checks and licensing.
  • Check any references to make sure other pet owners were happy with the service provided.
  • Arrange a meet up or trial so they can meet you and your pet and make sure you are happy with the interaction.
  • If your pet has any medical or behavioural needs, the pet sitter should be happy and confident to deal with any medication.
  • Find out if there are any other pets staying at the house and if so, does your pet get on well with other dogs and cats.
  • Find out if the pet sitter be able to provide the exercise your pet needs.

Kennels or catteries.

There are many different styles of kennels and catteries available for your pet. These range from very small, to luxury boutique style, to larger facilities.

Things to consider.

  • Find out if the kennel or cattery fully insured and licenced with the local authorities.
  • Ensure vaccinations are up to date in good time before you go away.
  • Make sure you visit the kennel before booking to get an idea of where your pet will be staying and what the facilities are like.
  • Ask plenty of questions, including: what are the exercise routines? Are the staff happy to give any medication your pet might need? How much social interaction will your pet have?
  • Find out if the kennel or cattery has any monitoring equipment to keep an eye on your pet.
  • Consider the age and health of your pet if they are going to a kennel or cattery for the first time. If your pet is older or has health conditions it may be more suitable for your pet to be cared for in your own home.












Other things to consider before going away.

  • Provide any contact details for you and your vet, just in case of an emergency.
  • Check in advance if the kennel or cattery has availability for your pet.
  • Create a checklist for whoever is looking after your pet to include any food and dietary requirements, medication, exercise routine and any behavioural needs.
  • Pack items for your pet to help them feel more at ease, such as food, medications, water bowl, lead, and any familiar smelling items, toys or bedding.

Pet care advice when you need it the most.

If your pet is unwell our 24/7 advice service may help save you an unnecessary trip to the vet.

Speak to a vet or vet nurse by phone, chat, and video.

Our pet care service also offers behavioural and nutritional support, to help you take care of your pet.

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We understand being a pet parent can be tough, especially if your pet becomes ill or gets injured.

It’s important to consider pet insurance if you have a pet, as cover can help cover the cost of vet fees should your cat or dog need to visit the vet.

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By Melissa Pickburn

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