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If the unexpected happens, our affordable Kitten Insurance could help you cover the costs

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Kitten Insurance

We’re here for all their adventures, offering the protection that your kitten deserves. Kittens are typically at more risk during their developing months as they learn about their new surroundings, so it is important to help protect your kitten by investing in pet insurance.

We offer a variety of coverages for your kitten including our lifetime policies with vet fees up to £6,000** and condition limited policies all covering accidents and illnesses. Get your Pet Protect Kitten insurance comparison Quote today

Our Kitten and Cat insurance coverage starts from age 6 weeks and up.

Discover the plan best suited for you and your cat.

Discover the plan best suited for you and your cat.

At Pet Protect we strive to be as competitive as possible and make sure that your pet gets the cover they need and deserve

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*Exclusions may apply. Please see the Policy Terms & Conditions and Insurance Product Information Documents for full details and inner limits.
**Vet fees cover up to £6,000 per policy year, with our Lifetime Extra policy.
***Based on data from all Pet Protect claims received during 2022 on our Lifetime, ConditionCare and TimeCare policies.
^24/7 vet service can be used by customers who have an active & live policy with Pet Protect Pet Insurance, UK only.

Want to know more about pet insurance?

Want to know more about pet insurance?

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