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Why do you need pet insurance for your cat or dog?

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How does pet insurance work?

There’s no NHS for pets. We understand your pets are part of the family and you want to make sure they are safe and well. That’s why pet insurance can help to provide you as a pet owner with peace of mind knowing that if your pet becomes ill or gets injured, you’ll receive help paying for any unexpected veterinary treatment.

The average claim increased by almost 4% according to ABI

With the average cost of claims increasing each year, pet insurance can help provide you with peace of mind by knowing that your cat or dog is covered should they fall ill.

The average claim value increased to £848 per claim in 2021, compared with £817 in 2020*

Below are some of the top claims we’ve come across and their costs:

Condition Cost of claim (average)**
Allergy £271
Arthritis £249
Gastroenteritis £594
Foreign Body £1210
Patellar Luxation £1090
Abscess £907
Fracture £1427
Skin Mass £621

What factors increase the cost of pet insurance?

When thinking about covering your cat or dog with pet insurance, there are a few factors that can impact the cost and it’s worth bearing in mind if you are buying a new puppy or kitten.

  • Type of cover: Lifetime pet insurance is the most comprehensive cover for your cat or dog and covers your pet’s veterinary fees for as long as you require, provided your policy is continually renewed^
  • Where you live: variations in vet costs across the country are reflected in the price of premiums
  • Your pet’s age: just like us, as your cat or dog grows older, it’s more likely that you will have to claim for your pet under your pet insurance
  • Your pet’s breed: based on risk, certain breeds are susceptible to certain genetic illnesses and may increase the cost of your pet insurance premium
  • Cost of vet treatment: veterinary costs increase due to technological advancements

 Preventative care can help reduce visits to the vet

By helping to keep your pet as healthy as possible, you can reduce the chances of them needing to visit a vet by:

  • Feeding the correct amount of food and providing a nutritious and balanced diet
  • Provide the correct amount of regular daily exercise
  • Provide clean and fresh water each day
  • Make sure your pet has the right vaccinations and annual boosters
  • Worm them regularly and protect against fleas
  • Consider spaying or neutering your pet
  • Improve their wellbeing by playing with your pet and spending time with them each day
  • Training your pet new tricks can not only help with exercise it can mentally stimulate and challenge your pet.
  • Take care of their dental health
  • If you have a policy with us and are concerned about your pet, speak to a vet or vet nurse with our 24/7 vet service. You can find more information here

 Why choose us?

  • All our policies come with 24/7 pet care advice from expert vets and vet nurses if you need advice about your pet’s heath
  • We pay 96% of vet claims** and our claims process is simple, as you can complete and submit a claim online
  • We can pay your vet direct and offer pre-authorisation of claims
  • There’s no NHS for pets, and our Lifetime cover offers peace of mind that your furry friends are covered

Don’t assume the cheapest pet insurance is enough to cover your pet

When choosing pet insurance for your cat or dog, it’s important to look at the needs of your pet and your budget. Lifetime cover is not the cheapest option but provides pet insurance for the life of your pet.

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*Source: ABI Website:
**Source: based on data from all Pet Protect claims and their submitted amounts received between March 2021 and March 2022 on our Lifetime and ConditionCare policies
^Exclusions may apply. Please see the Policy Terms & Conditions and Insurance Product Information Documents for full details and inner limits. Vet fees cover up to £6,000 per policy year, with our Lifetime Extra policy.

By Melissa Pickburn

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