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Walking in the dark with your dog

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With September already upon us and daylight hours becoming shorter, many dog owners will be walking their dogs when it’s darker.

We’ve created a few useful tips and included some items that are worth buying to help keep both you and your dog as safe as possible when out walking.

Keep your dog visible

Help to make your dog as visible as possible to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists by using reflective items including a light for your dog’s collar and a reflective coat, which can also help to keep them warm when it’s colder. Both of the below items will help to improve visibility where certain areas may be poorly lit:

Keep your dog warm

With the darker nights almost upon us, the temperature will change especially if you’re out and about with your dog in the evening. Smaller breeds and older dogs will need an extra layer to help keep them warm early in the morning or later at night. Help to keep them warm, and look stylish at the same time, with a dog coat.

Keep to places you and your dog know

Walking your dog in places you both know that are well-lit and amongst other dog owners can help you both stay as safe as possible. Walking in areas that are familiar to your dog can help if they are anxious or nervous, as their environment will be well-known to them.

Keep your dog on the lead

It’s important to keep your dog on a lead to ensure you have more control if your dog becomes scared and reacts to another dog or human in the darker nights. Keeping your dog on a lead also ensures you know where they are at all times. If your dog is familiar with the area and well trained, you may decide to let them off the lead.

Walking against traffic

Walking against the traffic, helps you to be more aware of any danger coming towards you. It can help the drivers of passing cars to see you and your dog and prepare to drive slower when passing.

Glow in the dark toys

If you still want to play fetch with your dog when it’s a bit darker, you can buy glow in the dark toys that glow or light up and can be easily found once thrown. This saves you hunting for your dog’s favourite toy in the dark

Walking with other dog owners

When walking with your dog later at night, try and walk with another person who has a dog or a neighbour. If this is not possible, make sure you let someone know where and when you’re going and take a mobile phone with you.


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By Melissa Pickburn

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