Cat insurance that lasts a lifetime

Complete peace of mind for your furry feline

Lifetime Cat Insurance

Our pet insurance, covers your cat for life and with our Lifetime cat insurance the vet fee limit is replenished each year, providing you renew the policy.

We make claiming simple

You also have the peace of mind knowing that once you have purchased a policy, you can claim for on-going treatment* up to your policy limit year after year.

  • To take the hassle out of any claim, we can pay your vet direct so you don’t have to worry about paying for costly vet bills
  • If you prefer to settle your bill with the vet, we will reimburse you straight back into your bank account

Lifetime Pet Insurance

Our Lifetime products are designed to help you with vet’s bills for treating chronic or recurring conditions during the lifetime of your pet.

As your pet gets older the likelihood of them falling ill increases along with the cost of veterinary procedures. This means that premiums will increase in the future.

If you select this type of policy, you need to be aware of the following – and not just consider the cost and policy terms and conditions that apply for the first year:

  • The amount you will have to pay towards each claim (the Policy Excess) and the percentage of vet bills that you will have to cover (Your contribution) will increase as your pet gets older.
  • Your premium will increase depending on a number of factors including your pet’s age, breed & gender and the increasing costs of veterinary treatment.
  • You are free to cancel your Lifetime policy at any time and switch to another insurer or a different product, but please be aware that most pet insurance policies do not offer cover for pre-existing medical conditions so therefore you may not be able to obtain the same level of cover elsewhere.


*Limitations and exclusions apply. Please read Policy Summary for further details.

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