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Breed Profile | Turkish Angora

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History of the Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora descended from the African wildcat and are one of the ancient breeds of cat. The Turkish Angora originated from central Turkey, in the Ankara region. In 1520, a longhair, white cat went to Europe from Ankara, gaining admirers from Persia. Yet, they almost became extinct in Europe, only surviving as they were in a Turkish zoo.

Care and Characteristics

The Turkish Angora is a small to medium-sized cat, with a silky semi-long, shimmery white coats. They can also come in various other colours such as tabby and black with an undercoat of chocolate brown. The original Turkish Angoras were white with ‘odd eyes’, one being orange and the other blue. Their eyes may also be blue, green, amber, yellow, with large wide-set pointy ears.

Turkish Angora cats are loyal, affectionate, and loves to play. They form strong bonds with humans and usually gravitate to one family member. Due to this they become very protective of that person. Their intelligence is remarkable, showing basic problem solving skills. They can be trained, including deaf Turkish Angoras, due to their intelligence and their desire to interact.

Health Issues

The Turkish Angora is generally a healthy breed of cat with no specific problems. It’s common for white cats to be prone to deafness. Yet deafness should not be a problem if the cat is an indoors cat. It’s thought that the frequency of deafness has reduced due to developing the breed. Due to the lack of skin pigmentation in the white Angora, there may be an increased risk of sunburn. This is along with a higher risk of skin cancer if they spend much time in direct sunlight.

Turkish AngoraBreed Profile:

Size: Small to medium less than 5.5kg
Life Span: 9 – 14 years
Colour: Predominately white with other colours varients
Grooming: Moderate
Health: Generally healthy

Breed Traits:

Playful | Intelligent | Athletic | Affectionate | Energetic




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