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Your questions answered on how to help relieve your dog’s stress

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Your questions answered on how to help relieve your dog’s stress

Just like us humans, dogs can suffer from stress that can cause them to act or behave differently. Creating a set routine for your dog will help them to stay calm as they will know when to expect the next burst of energy to help ease their stress levels. Very similar to us, we all need to let off steam from time to time! That’s why, we have created a few tips to help you to ease your dog’s stress.

And, some of these tips can also be used if you have a cat.

  1. Daily exercise can not only reduce a dog’s stress, it can also help them to live a healthier, happier and longer life. This can include walking, playing, going to the park and even swimming.
  2. Mental stimulation combined with regular exercise can be effective together. You can make them work a bit harder for their treats by hiding them somewhere new. There are also toys available that let you hide treats and get your dog to try and figure out how to get to them.
  3. Blankets and toys act as comfort and provide your dog with the security they need to relieve stress. Adding toys to their bed or scattering other toys around the house in their favourite spots with help them to feel at ease. Wrapping your dog in a blanket and having them close to you can also help to reduce stress.
  4. Building a den provides a safe place that they know they can retreat to if they are feeling a bit stressed or need some time to themselves. Yes, pets need their own space too. Let them do their own thing and check on them every so often.
  5. Body language and attitude. Dogs are clever and can sense our emotions. If you feel that your dog is becoming stressed, try and stay calm and avoid giving them treats as this will make them continue the behaviour. A treat will associate their behaviour with them always getting a reward.
  6. Bond with your dog as much as possible, as this will help to keep them calm and reduce stress.
  7. Speak to your vet if you are concerned or worried about your pet’s behaviour


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By Melissa Pickburn

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