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18th March 18:00 – The office is now closed and all team members (where advised) are to work from home.  Whilst the office is closed, Pet Protect remains very much open as normal  (although virtually).  We continue to sell new business policies, we continue to pay claims and service customers.   Your manager will keep in contact with you to provide updates and provide you with any assistance that you may need during this time.   During this time, we will utilise Teams, so please ensure you login every morning as this will become our virtual office space.  Finally, thank you for you understanding, patience and support during this time.  Stay safe.



As we move closer towards having our entire business working from home, I want to share my thanks and praise of you all for your demonstration of maturity and resolve in what is an unprecedented and uncertain time for us all.

As shared throughout various briefings over the last week, we have a strong plan, a great team and we are focused on doing the right thing which is maintaining our connection with our customers while we understand their needs better during this period.

We will continue to keep you updated and we have developed a suite of mechanisms to help make it as easy as possible for you to continue to perform your duties remotely. These include,

  • A dedicated staff page attached to our website at We’ll keep this page updated as new information becomes available.
  • Automatic SMS alerts. If there is specific information we need you to access and read, we will notify by SMS and we’ll include a link to the Staff Web page.
  • A central teams group. You may have noticed you were recently added to a group on the Microsoft Teams tool. If you are unfamiliar with this tool, please speak to you line manager who will help you get to grips with it. We’ll use this space to host Companywide meetings including the Company Update which will all keep happening as normal.   We’ve also posted contact details for each member of the Mgmt. team here for easy access.

While we are working remotely, I will be running daily meetings with the Mgmt. team to review the situation, your mgmt. team member will also arrange to complete daily meetings with you (these will need to be scheduled around customer demand so we may ask you to be flexible) to ensure we have a consistent flow of information much like the way we use daily huddles and team meetings inside the office.

In addition, we are working on a number of pro-active communications which will be issued to our customers over the next 48 hours to prepare them for delays in our usual service delivery. We will also be adding banner information to our website to further raise awareness of changes to our service model and encourage customers to contact us via Livechat and/or email. We have already reached out to the Vet network to ask that they provide digital options for claims payments and updates such as BAC’s details and email addresses.

I understand that for many of you working remotely is a very new situation which may pose some challenges, I ask that you continue to talk about any challenges you face with your Line Manager so that we can help you to overcome them where possible.

Thanks again – I’m looking forward to meeting with you all again soon.



Staff Briefing pack – Download the pack from here

Important Links

Access to Outlook via PetNet –

Access to Livechat

Access to Aquarium

Access to Teams via PetNet –






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