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RSPCA Volunteer Day

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Pet Protect wanted to help support a local animal charity, so the search began. It wasn’t long when we found an opportunity by providing our time and volunteering at the local RSPCA South Godstone.

The RSPCA South Godstone were busy planning their Family Fun Day. They needed more hands to help prepare the centre ready for the day, and the many visitors attending the event. Split over 2 days, volunteers of Pet Protect staff members put their name down to help out.

RSPCA Volunteer Day

What did we end up doing?

On the first day, the Pet Protect volunteers were keen to get the day started and help where they could. The guys tasked themselves with moving pallets and big wooden sleepers with the aim to neaten up the area for the event.

Meanwhile, the girls took on other tasks. Aeration of the field next to the stream running alongside the centre was the first task to complete. Afterwards, marquees were constructed for catering and stalls, with the help of the one of the staff member. The team worked hard to get the tasks completed within the day, and even got to cuddle some kittens and puppies!

On the second day, the Pet Protect staff arrived at the centre the fresh faced and ready to work. The girls took the task of painting fences to smarten up the welcome area.
The guys meanwhile moved heavy equipment to create more space.

Pet Protect donated £1,000 to the RSPCA.   The donation would go towards equipment for looking after all the animals under their care.

RSPCA South Godstone  – what do they do?

The RSPCA South Godstone are a animal rescue centre. The centre is dedicated to finding mistreated, often unwanted and abused animals.

Once these animals are in the care of the centre, lots of time and effort is spent caring for them. The centre prepares each cat, dog, ferret or rabbit for a second chance to find a forever loving home.

If you are interested in finding out more about the RSPCA South Godstone Center – you can find more here –


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