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Do you really know what your pets are thinking?

If only your pets could talk and tell you what they are thinking. Find out what your pets think about pet insurance with our new TV advert

At Pet Protect we get pet lovers and pet parents and know the care your pets may need one day. So, we have given your pets a voice to point you in the right direction. If your pets get ill and you couldn’t afford their treatment – what would you do?

We are very lucky to be able to have treatment whenever we like if we get ill, but for pets there isn’t a free NHS to help them when they get sick, ill or injured.

For peace of mind you need affordable pet insurance to help cover the cost of vet treatment should something happen to your beloved furry friends – after all they are part of the family and as pet parents you want to give them the best and protect them like your own.

That’s where Pet Protect come in! Pet insurance should be for life because a dog is and don’t forget cats are too

Upload your own videos of what your pets are thinking using the hashtag #WhatWouldYourPetsSay to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages

Watch our new TV advert

By Melissa Pickburn

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