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Halloween safety for pet parents

Pet Parent tips from Pet Protect

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Halloween safety for pet parents

Halloween is a time for treats, tricks, fun and lots of sweet treats.

It’s important to remember our pets may not share the same love for Halloween as we do.

There can be potential hazards for your pets, so we’ve created useful tips to take care of your furry friends during spooky season.


  • If you are considering dressing up your pet, take a moment to think about how your pet may feel. Are they happy? Are they comfortable? If they show signs that it is uncomfortable or restrictive or become agitated, remove the costume straight away.
  • Never leave them on their own when wearing the costume to make sure they are comfortable.
  • Costumes may have loose parts that could easily be bitten off and swallowed. Make sure the costume is safe before putting it on your pet.


We love to decorate our homes during Halloween with pumpkins, candles, hanging ornaments and scary items.

Take note of the below tips to help keep your pets safe this Halloween:

  • Candles can singe, burn, or even catch fire to your pet’s fur, so keep these out of reach in high places. if you have a cat, it might be better to not have candles as they can easily jump and knock them over causing a fire hazard.
  • Think about where you place decorations, including pumpkins. If your pet swallows a large quantity of seeds, it may cause them discomfort. When carving pumpkins make sure all seeds are thrown away safely
  • Hanging decorations, including spider webs or streamers can look like fun for our pets to play with, so make sure they are hung out of the way to avoid temptation.

Sweets and Treats

  • Sweets, treats and chocolate are great for humans, but toxic for both cats and dogs.
  • Make sure all sweet treats are kept out of paws reach. This includes packaging and wrappers as they can cause your pet to choke if swallowed.

Noises and Sounds

Pets can become stressed or anxious when they hear strange noises or experience large groups of unfamiliar visitors.

  • Keeping your pet in a separate room with their favourite toys can keep them calm and occupied and reduce the chance of them misbehaving.
  • Even very sociable animals can become nervous in these situations.

Keeping your pets inside

Halloween can be a scary time for pets, so don’t feel bad if you do want to keep them indoors.

  • Keeping your cat or dog inside can help to keep them calm and reduce the risk of them getting spooked by loud noises.
  • If you do venture outside with your pet, make sure they have an ID collar and a microchip to ensure they can be easily found if you do become separated.
  • Remember that you will be opening the door to trick or treaters, so if you fear that your pet may run out of the door it might be best to keep them in a separate room.
  • Create a quiet and safe space for your pet away from the noise and activity of Halloween. Provide them with their favourite toys, blankets, or a familiar place to retreat to.


  • Try to walk your dog during daylight hours, or before it gets too dark. This will help avoid the chaos and potential scares that come with Halloween night.
  • Make sure your dog is always on a leash. The unusual costumes, decorations, and noises on Halloween can startle your pet, and you want to ensure they don’t run away or become aggressive due to fear.
  • Be mindful of children, as some may approach your dog. Ensure your dog is comfortable with children and closely supervise any interactions.
  • Stick to your usual walking routes. Familiarity can provide a sense of security for your dog.
  • Stay away from houses with scary decorations. Loud sounds, sudden movements, and creepy displays can scare your dog and lead to anxious behaviour.










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By Melissa Pickburn

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