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Breed Profile | The Irish Setter

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The Irish Setter

The Irish Setter are very distinct looking dogs. Over the years have become popular both in the show ring as well as family pets. Bred as working dogs, these setters are among the oldest of their type. Irish Setters were first bred in Ireland where they made their mark as being excellent gun dogs.

Care and Characteristics

One of the most recognizable features of an Irish Setter is their shiny, long chestnut coat. Feathering is all over their bodies. Irish Setters are high maintenance when it comes to keeping their coats looking good and in top condition. Regular grooming is important to keep their coat in excellent condition.

It’s important to check an Irish Setters ears, and that they are kept as dry as possible due to them being prone to suffer from ear infections, which can often be hard to clear up.

Irish Setters are energetic dogs that need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. As boredom sets easily, this could lead to them being unruly making them harder to manage and handle. It is recommended keeping two or more together.

Health Issues

Although the Irish Setter is thought of as healthy, there are certain hereditary and acquired conditions. The health disorders that seem to affect the breed the most are as follows:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Canine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency
  • Epilepsy
  • Reproduction problems
  • Ear Infections

Breed Profile:

Dog Breed Group: Sporting Dogs, Gundog

Height: Males 58 – 67 cm – Females 54 – 62 cm

Weight: Male 27kg-32kg – Female 24kg-29kg

Life Span: 11-15 years

Exercise: Moderate to high

Colour: Mahogany, Red, Chestnut


Irish Setter

Breed Traits:

Affectionate| Lively| Companionable | Energetic | Independent | Friendly | Playful | Poor Recall | Strong Chase Instinct | Needs Company | Stubborn




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