The PitPat offer has now ended.

Help to keep your dog healthy and happy with the UK’s favourite dog activity monitor

Your pets are part of the family and as pet parents you want to make sure they are healthy and happy. With a PitPat Dog Activity Monitor you can measure exercise, rest, distance, calories and weight and of course have lots of fun along the way.

  • Designed with vets and made in the UK
  • Lightweight, comfortable and very robust
  • Fully-waterproof for swimming and even diving in the sea
  • Long one-year battery life that is user-replaceable, with no recharging
  • Quick set-up with our fun and easy-to-use app
  • Friendly UK customer support

PitPat was designed with vets, and an increasing number of practices are recommending PitPat to every dog owner. We have also recognised the health benefits to pets of daily exercise and weight management, and that’s why we have partnered with PitPat to ensure you get the benefits too.


*PitPat offer applies to new and renewing dog customers and offer ends 28th February 2022

Please refer to our FAQ section below to find out how to get your PitPat


Terms and Conditions

Visit our terms and conditions to view conditions of our offer.

PitPat Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want someone else to deal with my complaint on my behalf?

If you ask someone else to act on your behalf you should provide us with written authority to allow us to deal with them.*

*If you employ a professional to represent you, you will need to meet their costs yourself.

If I am unhappy what should I do?

Please refer to our complaints procedure page. In the first instance, we will review your complaint and hope to resolve the matter. We will investigate the circumstances regarding your complaint and write to you within two weeks with our response.

Why is my policy subject to internal limits?

Your policy is designed to offer realistic cover up to a certain annual amount in vet bills - see your policy schedule for confirmation of the overall amount covered within your policy. We believe that internal limits are a way of helping our policyholders whilst trying to keep your policy premiums and the cover you selected fair and reasonable.

With constant market changes, advances in medical research and the continual increases of cost for general medical care vets can offer, the cost of your pet’s health care can prove very expensive. Unfortunately this means that in the event your pet suffers from a significant extensive health concern, injury or a condition requiring constant, lifelong care, the annual amount you selected can prove insufficient to cover all costs covered by the policy, throughout the entire year.

As a pet insurer it’s our job to make sure that the policy you chose to purchase provides sufficient levels of cover throughout the year. This means that some of the costs for the treatment covered by your policy must be subject to a limit. This allows us to make a significant contribution towards the cost of treatment but prevents a claim for a single condition using all of your annual cover

Why was my claim limited to £750?

Your policy can be is subject to a number of different internal limits. A £750 limit is applicable to all claims for the cost of MRI scans and/or claims for the treatment of cruciate ligament damage. The policy internal limits are applicable to all claims for cruciate damage and MRI scans, regardless of the cause for the damage of illness. Information about the policy limits is provided in your policy terms and conditions and your policy summary annually, at the time of your policy renewing. Please see your policy terms and conditions and policy summary for details.

Why is my claim subject to outstanding premium deduction?

Your policy is provided to you as an annual contract, which can be renewed each year. Each year the insurer offers you annual cover for the cost of any treatment your pet requires within that year subject to you, the policyholder accepting the annual premium quoted to you. For your convenience your annual premium can be paid in monthly instalments or as a one off annual payment.

This policy has an early exit clause. Since the monthly policy premium cannot continue, the full remaining annual premium becomes payable at the time of premature termination. This clause is not applicable in case if your policy was not used i.e. if you did not submit any final successful claims.

Why has my policy premium increased? Why haven’t I been offered a price reduction?

The way we price our products is reviewed on a regular basis, and there can be a number of reasons that could contribute to an increase in policy premium, including but not limited to, vet inflation, your pet’s age, breed and gender. These factors can have a different impact on the premium we can quote and therefore we ensure that the policy you hold is reflective of the risk associated with your pet. We conduct regular research, which allows us to make sure that we quote the lowest possible amount each year that is both sufficient and feasible to allow the insurer to provide comprehensive and sustainable cover for your pet throughout the year.

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