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Stranded Pooch Saved From Ice Cold Sea Waters

Posted on: 2/5/2010 9:40:07 AM under Dogs

One little mutt has had the adventure of a lifetime when he was recently found stranded at sea, on a piece of floating ice, off the coast of Gdynia, Poland.

The soggy doggy was spotted by the crew of a research boat, 15 miles at sea from the coast of Poland. The lifesaving scientists tried to haul the dog aboard but he kept slipping dangerously underwater. His rescuers were afraid they may have lost the freezing animal, who has been nicknamed, 'Baltic'.

Natalia Drgas, one of the crew members, told reporters that she thought the worst when they were trying to save him: "It was a tough struggle. He kept slipping into the water and crawling back on to the ice. He even vanished under the ship - we all thought it must be the end. But then he emerged again on the safety of an ice sheet."
Once the crew managed to get the freezing dog on to the boat, he was wrapped in towels and massaged to get him warm.

It has been reported that firemen had earlier attempted to rescue the dog, when they saw him floating along a river, but they had been unable to pull him from the water.
There has since been an appeal to reunite Baltic with his owners. So far, four people have claimed he's theirs, but Baltic has been unresponsive to them all. So, it seems the search continues for the owners of this very lucky pup.

Image by mdrewe