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A Sneaky Squirrel Has the Ride of its Life

Posted on: 2/19/2010 1:52:14 PM under Fun
Squirrels are more used to the dizzying heights of tree tops than white-knuckle, rollercoaster rides. But it seems that one little grey squirrel has become quite the adrenalin junkie.

The squirrel, who has been named 'Sonic', has been causing a nuisance at Alton Towers theme park, in Staffordshire, by repeatedly riding on the newly refurbished 'Sonic Spinball' ride. Spectators have seen him hop on to the test ride on a morning and then again a couple of hours later, when the first visitors have entered the park.

Sonic's rather odd behaviour has not been pleasing construction workers, who have complained that the runaway rodent has been pilfering their lunches. So, the managers at Alton Towers have decided to take the unusual step of banning the sneaky squirrel from enjoying his daily dose of thrill seeking, by installing an alarm that cannot be heard by humans. It is hoped that this will prevent Sonic from taking the ride again.

A spokesperson form Alton Towers told the Daily Mail: "The squirrel was getting in the way of the builders and their painting. We would have ended up with paw prints on the track. It is also a health and safety issue, and we cannot have anything on the track when the rollercoaster is going round.

"Banning a squirrel from a rollercoaster is slightly unusual, but I suppose there is a first time for everything."