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A 'Recycled' Cat Reunited

Posted on: 4/29/2010 1:37:09 PM under Cats
It was an unusual find for the workers at the recycling centre in Scotland when one of the lorries turned up that had just been collecting in the Kirknewton area emptied it's load. A stunned tom cat fell out among the mattresses and fridges covered in dirt and dust and luckily unharmed.

The startled feline was identified as Alfie and was soon reunited with his worried owners. They said he didn't normally leave the house so were shocked to find him missing and are relieved to have him home again.

Alfie's owners Mr and Mrs Cranston had left a Mattress out that morning to be collected by the council and can only assume that Alfie jumped into the truck for a ride. After they were unable to find Alfie they had feared the worst. It wasn't until Mr Cranston spotted a photo of Alfie in the local paper that they started to piece together what had happened.

The SPCA, the Scottish animal charity who rescued Alfie, said: "It's so rewarding to be able to reunite Alfie with his owners, particularly after he's had such a frightening ordeal."

Alfie was lucky to be reunited with his family - showing, once again, the importance of having your pets microchipped, so if they do go missing the chances of having a happy ending are increased. This simple procedure takes minutes yet will mean that your contact details are stored in a database ensuring that you and your pet will be reunited, once they are found.