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Travel sickness in Cats & Dogs

Posted on: 6/21/2011 10:53:20 AM under General
Travel sickness in Cats & Dogs

Every pet owner knows the scenario. You've planned a trip with friends, family and, of course, your pet. The only thing standing between you and your vacation is the car ride, airplane flight, boat ride or some combination of the three. For you this may not be much of an obstacle, but for your pet it may cause travel sickness. Travel sickness has a variety of causes including stress and anxiety. It is accompanied by a host of unpleasant symptoms. Luckily, there are a few remedies for cat and dog travel sickness that are relatively simple to administer.


As mentioned above, the stress and anxiety related to travel is one of the leading causes of travel sickness in cats and dogs. However, it is not the only cause. As with motion sickness in humans, dogs can get travel sickness from the effect of the motion of the vehicle on the vestibule apparatus in their inner ears. Finally, a deficiency in vitamin B6 may also lead to travel sickness. Diagnosing the causes of travel sickness is an important step in finding remedies for cat and dog travel sickness.


As unpleasant as it is to think about, you need to notice the symptoms of travel sickness if your pet does begin to show them. Likely the least disgusting symptom is heavy panting or breathing, but its all downhill from there as the next symptom is shaking and vomiting. And as if your car wasnt already under siege, this can be followed by diarrhea and discomfort for your animal. Remedies for cat and dog travel sickness can give you back your vacation.

Get your pet comfortable

The stress and anxiety of the car may be developing, in part, due to your pets unfamiliarity or discomfort with riding in the vehicle. Before your long trip, take your pet on a few short trips and make sure they are to destinations your pet will enjoy.

Travel on an empty stomach

A belly full of food or a lingering urge to use the bathroom may also cause travel sickness. One of the best remedies for cat and dog travel sickness is to not allow your pet to eat for a few hours before the trip and to make sure he goes to the bathroom before you leave.

Stop frequently
Like the two previous remedies for cat and dog travel sickness, making frequent stops to exercise and use the bathroom can help lessen the stress of traveling. Although those traveling on a boat or plane may find this a challenge, those in cars can observe it rather painlessly.

Windows down
Fresh air often cures motion sickness. A few open windows can do wonders for a pet who is not feeling well. Just do not let him stick his head out the window, since this is unsafe.

Talk to a pro
If these tips dont work, do not be shy about going to a veterinarian. Even though this is a more costly option, if the veterinarian prescribes something to ease your pets pain, it may just be one of the best remedies for cat and dog travel sickness.