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Miracle Return of Missing Cat

Posted on: 4/16/2010 4:53:15 PM under Cats
A missing cat has astounded his owners after returning to his Buckinghamshire home after a whopping eight years. The cat, named Bigga, due to his rather ample size, was living with his owner, Lorna Fothergill for just two years before he did a disappearing act.

When Bigga went missing his concerned owner searched throughout the neighbourhood but after six months she concluded that her pet must have been catnapped, as there was a spate of the crimes at the time.

Incredibly eight years later Lorna received a call from the RSPCA telling her that they had found Bigga.

RSPCA Inspector Davidson, explained to the BBC the challenges of finding Bigga's owner, he said: "Searching for Bigga's owner took some real detective work, but it just shows the immense value of having your animals microchipped. It is a fantastic outcome and Bigga is a great cat with a lovely personality and temperament, we are so pleased he has found his way home."

It is thought that Bigga must have been living as a feral cat. His owner, Lorna said: "Originally he wasn't our cat, he just appeared one day, and he showed up and refused to leave. We put posters up, we informed local vets and the RSPCA, people came to see him but no-one left with him. He became part of the family. We had four other cats at the time."

Once Lorna had decided that she was going to keep the cat she had him insured and microchipped, without this poor old Bigga may never have been found, especially considering that Lorna had moved twice since Bigga first went missing.

Since his return, neither Bigga's owner, nor the RSPCA can figure out what he has been doing since he went missing. But from Bigga's appearance it is presumed that he went back to his old ways and lived as a stray. Currently he is being treated for the feline strain of AIDS which should help his condition so that he can enjoy a quiet life back at home.