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Gulf of Mexico Oil Slick Disaster

Posted on: 7/5/2010 9:06:44 AM under General
We were hugely saddened this week to read about the horrific oil slick disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Not only have 11 people lost their lives, but the catastrophe, which has been likened to the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska in which 40.9 million litres of crude oil spilled into the ocean, is also threatening over 600 species of marine and wildlife.

With Barak Obama authorising the deployment of National Guard troops, some 17,500 across the affected coastal area, efforts are being stepped up to try and rescue as much of the wildlife as possible, with RSPCA units in the UK also on standby. However, the extent of the damage is largely unknown, and it's almost impossible to predict until oil-covered animals start to be reported.

RSPCA spokeswoman, Klare Kennet, explained to The Independent: "All of our inspectors are trained to deal with oiled animals and we have specialist teams who can go at a moment's notice. We probably have 30-plus inspectors who are ready to go to the States.

"They would take their equipment with them but mainly it's about expertise; how to handle the birds when they're being cleaned up.
"You can wash them and keep washing them but they can get very stressed so you have to do it as quickly as you can."

The question really is, should these oil spills ever happen? There are far safer energy sources out there, if countries are willing to commit to them and the world as a whole is technologically advanced and experienced enough, to prevent environmental disasters such as this.