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Government Policy Turnaround For Pet Insurance

Posted on: 3/19/2010 4:15:19 PM under Dogs
Last week we were all talking about the proposed changes by the government to make pet insurance compulsory for all dog owners. This move was part of a consultation over the threat of dangerous dogs in England and Wales.

Only a little more than a week later government ministers have made a 'U-turn' on their suggested plans. Reports indicate that some ministers argued that the insurance would not cover breeds which are deemed dangerous, therefore the insurance would, mostly, only be targeting responsible pet owners. 

Four breeds of dog were banned from ownership in the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991. These were the pit bull terrier, Japanese tosa, the dogo Argentino and the fila Brasileiro. The act also empowered police to deal with dogs, of any breed, that were seen as being 'out of control' in a public place.

Over 100 people a week are attacked by dogs and admitted to hospital.

Hilary Benn told the BBC: "We can rule out compulsory insurance for all dogs. The idea of compulsory insurance was something raised with us because of the horrific injuries some very dangerous dogs can cause. It was therefore included in the government consultation document. But we would still be interested in the views on whether third-party insurance could be a requirement of a dog control notice (i.e. if a dog is causing a problem).

"We don't want to penalise the vast majority of responsible dog owners because they're just as concerned as everybody else about the small minority who mistreat dogs, get them involved in dog fighting or use dogs as weapons.

"We've got to make sure that the public are protected and we're taking public concern seriously by asking how can we sensibly review the law that we've currently got."

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