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Dogs, Dogs and More Dogs

Posted on: 3/17/2010 9:51:31 AM under Dogs
Last week was extremely busy for me and the team at Pet Protect, as the government announced their proposals to clamp down on dangerous dog attacks. The proposed measures will mean that all dog owners will have to have 3rd party cover and their pets must be microchipped.

I made some television appearances sharing my opinion and advice on the subject and I have been getting lots of feedback about the proposals. Whilst some dog owners feel they are being made to pay for irresponsible owners, most see the many benefits of having pet insurance, and the majority of pet owners are willing to stand up and be counted to prevent further tragedies occurring from dangerous dog attacks.

But what do you think? Keep sending me your opinions, email, Facebook, or, Tweet me.

If you are concerned, or have any questions about the proposed legislation then the friendly team at Pet Protect will be able to help with any of your questions and provide you with quick quotes. You can contact them by phone on 0800 044 6236 and there is a whole host of information on the Pet Protect website.

In other news, the world's largest dog show, Crufts, finished yesterday (14th March). It was a wonderful success and I have been tuning in to watch some of the shows on More4. I also found the Crufts website to be particularly useful this year. There were lots of great live feeds and regular updates of the latest news so that all us doggie lovers out there, who didn't make it to the NEC, could keep abreast of what was happening. One particular spectacle was the 'dogs on dry land' show, a doggy, version of synchronised swimming... it really was something else.

The prestigious Best in Show category was entered by an incredible 22,000 dogs across 187 breeds... but only one could win and that was, Hungarian Vizsla, Yogi.

Have a look at the winner in action:

This year some friends of mine went to the four day event. They told me wonderful stories of the diversity of what was on offer and the special dogs that were involved. They commented on how happy both the dogs and the owners looked when they were taking part in the challenges, and said that Crufts, despite what people may think, isn't about pampered, pedigree pooches, but about celebrating dogs, their extraordinary abilities and the special relationship they have with people.

Crufts is a dog lovers haven, with dog therapists on hand, previews of new products - water especially created for dogs was one of the most popular this year, a series of Q and A sessions with top canine experts and a long list of other shows, talks and events, all helped to make Crufts a tail-wagging place to be. I'll definitely be looking to make a trip next year.

If you attended this year's event I would love for you to send me your stories, experiences and photos, it would be great to hear all about it.

Best wishes,